KW Homestead is a small farm that specializes in pasture-raised and non-GMO poultry and duck eggs.

KW Homestead began in the spring of 2013 when Jason & Emma bought their home in Stokes County, NC. It began small, with chickens and a small garden. Now it has expanded to include:

  • Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys (pasture-raised, free-range, & non-GMO)
  • Pekin Ducks (pasture-raised, free-range, & non-GMO)
  • Duck Eggs (Golden Layer, Khaki Campbell, & Cayuga ducks produce pasture-raised, free-range, & non-GMO eggs)
  • Red Ranger Chickens (pasture-raised, free-range, & non-GMO)
  • Embden Geese (pasture-raised, free-range, & non-GMO)

We take extra care to raise and harvest all of our animals humanely. We process all of our animals on farm and honor their lives by using all parts of the bird. Ask us more about this, if you’re interested! When our animals aren’t eating wild, native plants, grass, bugs, and other small creatures, our animal clan is fed sprouted grains and non-GMO fed from local farmers. All of our animals live their lives on pasture and some even have free range of our entire property!

In addition to the products we offer at our table each week, Emma is also a doula and the owner of Our Birth Way Doula Services and Jason works with timber management and offers timber consultations and appraisals. Kuska WiƱasun Homestead is also a local distributor of non-GMO grain and they offer homestead tours and the Farm to Your School Program, a program that brings pigs and poultry to local schools for educational proposes.

They offer Fabricated By Dena’s crocheted items at their table during the chilly months, crafted by Emma’s mom.

Check out KW Homestead: