Donna’s Delights is a small business which offers handmade soaps, balms, body oils, lotions, scrubs, deodorants, laundry soaps, and knitted and crocheted items. Donna is a wife, mother, and grandmother who is very active in her church. You may be surprised to hear this, but Donna’s Delights is a business created and grown only during her spare time! Wow! Donna began making soap as a summer family activity while visiting her parents, and turned it into a small business. Initially she dragged her heels about making soap after she returned from visiting her parents because she knew full well that she enjoyed it enough to make it into a business (and oh, the challenges of starting a small business!).

Donna enjoys the challenge of working with natural items. She knows there are mineral colors that many soapers use to make beautiful soaps, but she’s opted out of that route. It is more interesting to her to use herbs, clays, roots, and many other unusual items in her soapy creations. She thinks that naturally derived items are more fun to work with and she believes that these items offer us so many more health benefits. Donna says: “It amazes me to think that I can make something so necessary and yet so ordinary as a bar of soap.” Of course, her research has proven that the soaps and products she creates are truly healthful and wonderful items. Just think… The discovery of soap has changed the world!Try to imagine where we would be if soap was never discovered…

After 8 years of working with soap, Donna has added other items to her inventory, including: Balms, Body oils, Lotions, Scrubs, Deodorant, Laundry Soap, and her various knitted and crocheted items.

This summer will mark her 8th year at the Southeast Thresher’s Reunion where she sets up in the craft barn. During this event, she not only sells her products but she also teaches and demonstrates how to make the items she sells. Come out and visit her July 1st-5th and see how it’s done! Don’t miss out!

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